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The Board

Fulfilling our mission requires the talent and dedication of individuals with the desire to make Noble County a better place.  We are fortunate to have a Board with a wide range of expertise and the eagerness to see our Vision come true.


Supporting the Board is a group of Noble Trails members with the same desire and dedication to developing a network of trails for Noble County.

Board Members Dr. Terry Gaff and Claudette Lear prepare for a meeting in Rome City.

Executive Committee


Our executive committee is comprised of a group of individuals with the experience and the dedication to leading the organization to success.  Ask any of these people for more information!


President - Dr. Terry Gaff


Vice-President - Doug Atz


Secretary - W. Scott Allen, P.E.


Treasurer - Deanna Spidel

Board of Directors


The Board is comprised of the Executive Committee and other individuals who share in the same Vision.



Larry Allen

Dr. Phill Corbin


Tom Jansen


Claudette Lear


Dennis Rowland

Supporting Members


Noble Trails is supported by a group of Noble County residents who decided that they have a right to enjoy what many other communities in Indiana and throughout the country have - a trail system that provides safe recreation and transportation to connect the places we live with the places we want to go.

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