Fishing Line Trail

5k Run / Walk - 2019

Saturday, April 27, 2017

Noble Trails would like to thank the participants, sponsors, and volunteers for our 2019 Fishing Line Trail 5k Run / Walk.  The rain waited for our race to finish, giving 115 participants a chance to completed the course. 

With over 1000 photos taken, we are processing them for upload soon.  Racers and participants are free to download any of the photos.  We just ask that you use the photos for personal use only, and credit Noble Trails for them.

Terry Gaff, President of Noble Trails (center) poses with the 2019 Fishing Line 5k winner Brittany Linn and second place finisher Mark Lash.

Men's Times:

Male Overall Winners

Mark Lash    22:11

Troy Lindley    24:06
Tom Childers    24:39


Henry Liebing    42:00

Payton Carpenter    63:17
Stephen Smith    63:35


No racers


Mark Lash    22:11
Michael Fulford    29:42
Chris Patterson    31:24


Troy Lindley    24:06
Mike Carroll    28:58
Nelson Smith    61:49


Tom Childers    24:39
Mel Miller    25:29
Doug Targgart    28:28


Scott Swogger    30:17
Philip Luttman    31:48
Samuel Lash    43:09

Remaining Competitors

Phill Corbin    30:29
Louis Zabona    30:32
Mike Schlemmer    30:32
Jim Wilkinson    32:06
Brett Edwards    33:53
Kurt Miller    36:55
Mike Prater    38:25
Roy Linn    46:34
Lynn Spidel    46:44
Michael Friskney    47:01
Herman Lehman    47:25
David Abbott    47:47
Randy Handshoe    47:47
Thomas Kingseed    48:32

James Anderson    49:09
Terry Longsworth    49:59
Maurice Bradshaw    50:57
Terry Housholder    51:51
Dan Lash    52:42
David Wilson    53:02

Jan David    56:07
Wendell Fritz    56:33
Lee Richards    57:42
Isaac Allen    No Time Recorded

Chris Carpenter    No Time Recorded

Zach Lear    No Time Recorded

Women's Times:

Female Overall Winner

Brittany Linn    21:37
Rae David    23:05
Rian David    25:10


Rae David    23:05
Rian David    25:10
Natalie Spidel    26:40


Brittany Linn    21:37
Makenzie Sheetz    32:50
Wanda Greensides    33:10


Katie David    28:04
Erin Long    29:38
Kasey Michels    30:40


Angela Reeve    33:58
Jaime Carroll    44:07
Carrie Tibbs    47:14


Shawn Miller    28:40
Penney Grimm    45:01
Beth Friskney    45:51


Vi Wysong    26:26
Kristie Prater    42:10
Claudette Lear    43:29

Remaining Competitors

Anna Sondek    28:18
Kelzie Pratt    38:53
Isabella Allen    42:45
Sarah Kingseed    42:50
Avalynn Liebing    43:18
Taylor Konigseder    43:26
Adeline Fitzharris    44:19
Jane Swogger    44:36
Meghan Cook    44:50
Judy Teders    46:53
Renee Dragan    46:54
Rhonda Cunningham    46:57
Kelly Fought    46:59
Olivia Tibbs    47:14
Susan Lehman    47:25
Suzanne Handshoe    47:47
Denise Sheetz    47:53
Mary Lash    48:39
Kandi Schafer    48:50
Jan Longsworth    49:59
Linda Bradshaw    50:57
Kathy Lowder    51:11
Dawn Hossinger    51:20
Leigh Pranger    51:21
Karen Fox    51:21
Kelly Morris    51:22
Susan Anderson    51:50
Cindy Lash    52:42
Margaret Baskett    54:20
Linda Gray    54:51
Ashley Gray    54:51
Toby Bonar    54:51
Stephanie Fry    55:56
Carissa Ryan    55:56
Sandra David    56:07
Cindy Miller    56:19
Christina Smith    56:19
Marcia Fritz    56:33
Grace Housholder    57:41
Teresa Richards    57:42
Diane Allen    59:42
Anita Martin    60:11
Brenda Smith    60:12
Hallie Smolinske    61:44
Candace Smolinske    61:44
Lindsay Dye    61:45
Jo Smith    62:34
Delaney Carpenter    62:53
Christine Lash    63:23
Erica Lash    63:24
Ann Carpenter    63:37
Lisa Patterson    63:38

Cindy Boggs    No Time Recorded

Kelli Brandt    No Time Recorded

Carolyn Carpenter    No Time Recorded

Vicky Fiandt    No Time Recorded


Though it started out empty, Gene Stratton Porter was soon filled with friends saying hello.

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Noble Trails would like to thank the following sponsors for their support in our event.


Jim and Julia Nixon


Rome City - Brimfield

Lions Club

Jim and Tammy Stewart

Kendallville Iron Metal.png

Claudette Lear

Kville PowerSports.png
Kville Outdoor Power.png
Rome City Chamber of Commerce.jpg

Randy and Suzanne Handshoe


Dr. Phill Corbin


Dr. Terry and Suzie Gaff




Race Photos Coming Soon.  Stay Tuned.

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This event would not have been possible without the help of many dedicated people.


Wally Gaff

Doug Atz

Dr. Terry and Susan Gaff

Julia and Jim Nixon

Ellen Campbell

Russell, Melba, and Abigail Larrison

Karin Morr

Dr. Phill and

Monica Corbin

Lynn and Deanna Spidel

Leigh Pranger

Master Gardener.jpg

Dr. Tom Jansen

Tiffany Parker

Nan Meyer



More Photos Coming Soon.  Stay Tuned.

Click on any photo to enlarge.


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