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Fishing Line Trail route between Rome City and Kendallville


NT - Fishing Line - Map 2019-07-22.JPG
The Fishing Line Trail - Gene Stratton Porter Section


Noble Trails is working to develop a network of trails to connect communities throughout Noble County.  Our first focus, the "low-hanging" fruit, is to connect Kendallville to Rome City using, wherever possible, the former railroad corridor, the Grand Rapids and Indiana.


This trail will become part of the Fishing Line Trail, which we hope to see in the future connect Noble County to Fort Wayne and to Lagrange County.  Currently, Noble Trails has acquired ownership to several sections of the former railroad corridor, and we have recently opened a 1.25 mile section with an improved walking surface.


We encourage you to stop by Gene Stratton Porter, where you can find a trail that will lead you the open section of the Fishing Line Trail.


How do I get to the trail?


To access the open trail section, take CR 900 N east from State Road 9.  Follow the signs to Gene Stratton Porter State Historic Site.  Park in the lot for Gene Stratton Porter State Historic Site, located on the north side of the roadway. 


The trail can be accessed via the grassy trail on the south side of CR 850 N, which will take you back to the gravel section of the Fishing Line Trail.



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