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Inaugural Fishing Line Trail
5k Run / Walk - 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Noble Trails would like to thank the participants, sponsors, and volunteers for our Inaugural Fishing Line Trail 5k Run / Walk.  With cooler weather and the rain holding off, 79 participants completed the course, enjoying the scenery and each other's company.  Ranging in ages from infants (in strollers, of course) to 90, everyone completed the course safely, with the winning time under 19 minutes.

Racers and participants are free to download any of the photos below.  We just ask that you use the photos for personal use only, and credit Noble Trails for them.

Men's Times:

Male Overall Winner

Robert Martin 18:36

Male Masters Winner

Brian Shepherd 18:36


Isaac Allen 43:20

Aiden Hoffman 53:54


Mark Lash 22:53


Jacob Odem 27:05

Nick Kramer 32:48

Thomas Kingseed 33:10


Phillip Corbin 29:23

Matt Getts 31:58


Mike Helmkamp 24:05

Mike Prater 44:26

Michael Friskney 49:11


Jed Pearson 23:58

Phil Wysong 26:18

Scott Swogger 28:36

Remaining Competitors

Philip Luttman 28:40

Hal Pearson 28:47

Dennis Graft 30:48

Alan Roush 33:03

Al Ensley 37:13

Samuel Lash 40:53

Jim Perkins 44:02

Ken Cook 49:49

Maurice Bradshaw 54:29

Dan Lash 54:42

Skip Altimus 55:04

Dennis Hogan 56:48

Dennis Rowland 56:48

Randy Handshoe - No Time Recorded

Terry Housholder - No Time Recorded

Tom Chronister - No Time Recorded

Jim Jansen - No Time Recorded

Women's Times:

Female Overall Winner

Marta Wysong 23:14

Female Masters Winner

Vi Wysong 24:22


Isabella Allen 38:52


Teela Gibson 24:15

Rachel Spillner 32:57

Samantha Jacobs 32:58


Christina Lash 32:03

Melissa Shaw 34:55

Diane Allen 47:29


Ronda Lehn 31:40

Kim Angell 32:55

Renee Dragan 51:10


Toby Bonar 20:39

Mary Lash 40:53

Kristie Prater 44:26


Nancy Simmonds 33:10

Sylvia Ensley 39:22

Pam Baker 41:12

Remaining Competitors

Jane Swogger 44:59

Flora Borger 47:13

Kimberly Burton 48:18

Lori Helmkamp 49:10

Beth Friskney 49:11

Meghan Cook 49:49

Anne Tipple 51:03

Karen Maxwell 51:04

Jane Roush 51:05

Judy Teders 52:03

Leigh Pranger 52:58

Kelly Morris 52:59

Teresa Richards 53:24

Erica Lash 53:25

Sarah Kingseed 53:25

Linda Bradshaw 54:29

Denise Lemmon 54:41

Suzanne Handshoe 54:41

Cindy Lash 54:42

Kelly Hoffman 55:04

Mitzi Hogan 55:08

Kandi Schafer 55:08

Roberta Stone 56:48

Vicky Fiandt 2:09:45

Wanda Bair 2:09:45

Alieta Graft - No Time Recorded

Diane Peachey - No Time Recorded

Claudette Lear - No Time Recorded

Grace Housholder - No Time Recorded

Avery Lichlyte - No Time Recorded


Noble Trails would like to thank the following sponsors for their support in our event.

Megan and Mark Voss

Dr. Phill Corbin

Deanna and Lynn Spidel

Albion Star Team    

Suzanne and Randy Handshoe

Claudette Lear

     Kendallville Rotary Club

Julia and Jim Nixon

Susan and Terry Gaff

Kara and Jerry Warrener


Thanks to

Race Director:

Brian Shepherd


This event would not have been possible without the help of many dedicated people.

Noble County Sheriff's Office

Doug Atz

Dr. Terry and Susan Gaff

Special thanks to:

Julia and Jim Nixon

Special Thanks to :

Melba and Russ Larrison

Dr. Phill Corbin

Deanna and Lynn Spidel

Leigh Pranger

Claudette Lear

Scott Allen

Tom Jansen

Tiffany Conrad

Mick Newton,  Noble County Emergency Management Director

Rome City Police Department