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Photo of event participants.

2024 Fishing Line 5k Run / Walk 

Another one in the books.  

Despite concerns for rain and storms, the weather was beautiful, allowing 73 participants to complete the 5k.    Congratulations to our winners.

Also, congratulations to Isabella Allen, who won our "Finishers" drawing for a meal at Hideout 125, courtesy of API Construction.

Check out the results from this year and previous years to see how you have improved!

2024 Race Results
2023 Race Results
2022 Race Results

Women's Times:

Graziela Haefer           25:52
Laura Silver                   28:08
Natacha Phillips-Kress    29:10

Men's Times:

Gabe Phillips-Kress    24:06
Nick Mains                   25:16
Blake Silver                 25:17

Rome City public meeting
Benefits of Trails


When you mention trails, most people think about recreation.  But, communities with trails receive a wider range of benefits than just a park-like way to relax.


  • Improved Health

  • Safe Transportation

  • Economic Boost

  • Better Quality of Life

The Fishing Line


This trail will become part of the Fishing Line Trail, which we hope to see in the future connect Noble County to Fort Wayne and to Lagrange County.  Currently, Noble Trails has acquired ownership to several sections of the former railroad corridor, and we have recently opened a 1.25 mile section with an improved walking surface.

About Noble Trails


Noble Trails is a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of Noble County through trail development.

Snow covered Fishing Line Trail


Noble Trails would like to thank our partners for their support.

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