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2023 Fishing Line 5k Run / Walk 

Thank you!

The 2023 Fishing Line 5k was a wonderful event, and it would not have been possible without all of our generous supporters, sponsors, and volunteers.

With 105 participants, we had a very busy trail at times.  With all of the worry about the weather toward the end of the previous week, we ended up with 55 degrees and sun.  It was the perfect weather for a 5k.

Of course, we did have to trade a technical glitch for the perfect weather.  So, we apologize to all of our supporters for the issues with registration.  To explain, it appears that some registrations did not record in the website database, so we had to gather that information again at the race.  Any payments made through PayPal seem to have been received, but the problem was that we did not have the information to order shirts for everyone.

If you did not receive a shirt, we are getting more made, and will send you instructions for picking them up.  It will be two to three weeks to get the shirts ordered and made.

In the meantime, congratulations to our winners.

See the full list of race results at our race summary page. 

2023 Race Results
2022 Race Results

Women's Times:

Graziela Haefer           24:17
Addison Vanderpool       30:35
Vi Wysong                     31:21

Men's Times:

Nathaniel Johnson       24:49

William Crow               25:14
Jed Pearson                25:22

Rome City public meeting
Benefits of Trails


When you mention trails, most people think about recreation.  But, communities with trails receive a wider range of benefits than just a park-like way to relax.


  • Improved Health

  • Safe Transportation

  • Economic Boost

  • Better Quality of Life

The Fishing Line


This trail will become part of the Fishing Line Trail, which we hope to see in the future connect Noble County to Fort Wayne and to Lagrange County.  Currently, Noble Trails has acquired ownership to several sections of the former railroad corridor, and we have recently opened a 1.25 mile section with an improved walking surface.

About Noble Trails


Noble Trails is a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of Noble County through trail development.

Snow covered Fishing Line Trail


Noble Trails would like to thank our partners for their support.

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