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What’s With the W’s?

First, we need to give our thanks to UrNest Construction and Adam Taulbee for digging the holes for our Whistle post signs!

Tom Jansen was one of the volunteers who installed the very first Whistle post in October 2022.

You may have noticed some new black and white W signs being installed along the trail. We realize this will raise some questions and we would like to provide some answers.


These Whistle posts signs are nearly exact replicas of “Whistle posts” used along the railroad by the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad company. Whistle posts would signal the train engineer to blow the whistle for an upcoming road crossing.


Much of the Fishing Line Trail is built on old railbed that was owned and operated by the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad. We wanted to pay homage to this railroad history that has provide such a wonderful base for much of our trail.


The Whistle post signs will be used as mile markers and placed every half mile along the trail. This will begin at “ground zero” (Angling Road) and extend both directions from there. Due to terrain and space along the trail, distances may not be exact but will be as close as possible.


We will install plaques on the Whistle posts to recognize donors and volunteers for the trail. Donations at the level of $5,000-$9,999 qualify for recognition plaques on a Whistle post.


Installation of the Whistle posts began in October and will be completed as soon as possible. Please be patient with this process... installation is completed entirely with volunteer labor hours and in most cases donated supplies.

We hope these Whistle posts will in some way help improve your enjoyment of the trail. Have fun and keep walking/running/riding!


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