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Parking, Parking , Where, o Where

A few months ago, I posted a blog post about parking for the Fishing Line. Well, as time goes on, we at Noble Trails are continuing to learn about parking problems. That's OK because we can adapt. We are certainly on a learning curve here about how best to serve the trail patrons while not disrupting the activities of our partners and neighbors.

Given that, Gene Stratton Porter State Historic Site has asked that we no longer use the barn on the west side of their property for parking. They are gracious to allow us to continue to use their paved parking lot to the east. But, hey, this is a good thing for you! It gives you an opportunity to visit their site while you're in the area.

So, if you are looking for a place to park, we have two. Gene Stratton Porter parking lot and the church on CR 450 E.

Noble Trails wants to thank GSP for their continued support of and partnership with our efforts. Here's where you can park at GSP, in the main lot for GSP off of Pleasant Point. You can access the trail by the grassy path across CR 850N.

Through the kind agreement from the congregation of Iglesia Cristiana Cristo Mi Roca (Christ My Rock Christian Church), you can also park in the gravel lot on the northwest corner of CR 450E and CR 800N. The trail is about 600 feet north along CR 450E. Please respect church activities.

So get out there and enjoy the trail, and say hi if you see someone. And remember, please park in these designated spots so that we can stay good neighbors to all those residents along the trail.

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