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Thanks for your donations!

The Board of Noble Trails is in awe of your generosity. In hardly any time at all, you helped us reach our goal - and far beyond - of $35,000 for a matching grant opportunity from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

These funds will not only cover the cost of paving the new section of trail between CR 800N and CR 450E that prevents users from traveling on 1/2 mile of dangerous county road, but it will extend to help pay for further trail development, as we head further north from Rome City and south from Kendallville.

Below is a complete list of donors. If your name is missing, please reach out to Thank you all!

City of Kendallville

Community Foundation of Noble County

DeMuyt Masonry

Larry Doyle

Marceda Hosted

James Chandler

Tim, Carissa & Chase Ryan

Ron and Marsha Ramer

Jan & Sandy David

Jarrod & Heidi Ramer

Mike & Mary Pasquali

Mark & Susan Norris

Edward Jones

Andrew & Yvonne Strack

Daniel & Kelly Morris

Kendall Billows

Jim Nixon

Kendallville Rotary Club

Troy & Casey Weimer

Cynthia Boggs

Chris & Angie Kidd

Jansen Chiropractic

Bruce Gaff

Gary Chapman

Larry & Betty Allen

Leigh Pranger

Fox River Group

Larry and Ann Linson

Robert and Elaine Hostetler

Christopher & Sasha Frazier

Vicky J Fiandt

Rich Herendeen

Matt Rickey

Thomas L. Hullinger

Claudette Lear

Bob & Susan Crosby

Cathy Linsenmayer

Danny J. Beall

Melinda & Keith Hoffar

Kevin & Linda Yant

Frick Lumber Company

Margaret Baskett

Terry and Grace Housholder

John Sparks

Steven R Keck

Bill Landon

Daniel Tatman

Lydia Link

Teresa & Lee Richards

Carla Schneider

Jenna Anderson

Raymond & Judy Teders

Glen & Ann Linvill

Harold & Ellyne Sollenberger

David & Debra Hockley

Hal & Candy Schafer

Owen & Kay Craig

Dr. Patrick & Janet Connolly

Lisa Wilson

Walter & Linda Franklin

Ritchie & Dawn Hamlin

Jane Myers

Kristy Johnson

Thomas Gaff

Mark Cockroft

Brad & Jayne Smuts

Gloria Sherwood

Patricia J. Dean

Austin Gilliland

Rome City Chamber of Commerce

Jean Marie Zimmerman

Bruce & Katherine Bowman

Tena & Douglas Crooks

Sundaes on Sylvan

Jansen Family Dentistry

Gerald & Kara Warrener

Renee Dragan

Page Machinery Co.

Nancy & Joe Taylor

Ken & Meghan Cook

Brian & April Vanosdale

Brody & Alisha Norris

Mark & Susan Norris

George & Shelley Bennett

Robert Lewis

Robert & Carijane Farmer

Donald & Jane Farrelly

Randy & SuzAnne Handshoe

Robert & Linda Kunkel

Dawn & Jon Hossinger

Toby Bonar

Hartman Investment Group

Kendallville Lions Club

Rome City-Brimfield Lions Club

Eileen Parker

Ameriprise Financial

Lori Helmkamp

Ellie Bogue

Sherri Ramey

Angela Becker


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