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Last “Take-A-Hike” of 2015 Visits the Fishing Line Trail

As summer fades into memory and fall erupts in a splash of color, Noble Trails is teaming with the Noble County Parks and Recreation Board to provide the community one final opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather with the Park Board's last “Take-A-Hike” event of 2015. This walk coordinates with a public informational session being sponsored by Noble Trails, Inc.

The final “Take-A-Hike” features a 1.25 mile section of the Fishing Line Trail, the multi-use trail which follows the former railroad corridor from Kendallville to Rome City. The walks begin at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 to take advantage of the light. Enjoy the recently improved gravel surface of the open trail section south of Gene Stratton Porter State Historic Site near Rome City. The trail travels through a beautiful canopy of trees on a level and straight trailway.

After the walk, join Noble Trails at 6:30 p.m. to find out what progress we have made, and listen to our future plans. To join the walk, visitors can park (click to open map) in the lot of Gene Stratton Porter State Historic Site on County Road 850 North, approximately 1.5 miles east of State Road 9 near Rome City.

On the second Tuesday of each month from June through October, the Board hosted “Take-A-Hike Tuesday”, a trail hike featuring an area trail. Each hike provided an opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of Noble County while getting some exercise and enjoying the scenery and company of other residents. The Noble County Parks and Recreation Board would like to thank all the participants of our events. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

The Noble County Parks and Recreation Board was created in 2010 by the County Council in response to a recommendation in the 2007 Noble County Comprehensive Plan. After assessing the recreational assets throughout the County, the Board’s current mission is to promote the recreational opportunities that exist. In public input sessions in 2013 and 2014, citizens cited trails as the most desired recreational facility.

Questions about “Take-A-Hike Tuesday” should be addressed to Ray Scott, Noble County Parks and Recreation Board President, at 260-347-2210.

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