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A Visitor's Question Triggered this Post!

I recently received a question from a website visitor who recently moved to Noble County and asked about the trails in the County. After I wrote a response to the question, I thought that the information I provided would certainly be beneficial to all of you. So, I thought I would share the response with you.


We are new to Noble County and would love to get information on your trails. We love to walk and bike them. Could you possible send information and a map of where these are located so we can utilize them? Thank you. - A.G.

Noble Trails is a relatively recent group, but have made very good progress in the short time we've been around. Our current focus has been working on the Fishing Line Trail that follows the former railroad corridor from Rome City to Kendallville. We are also working on wrapping that trail around the north side of Kendallville so we connect to the Sports Complex on the east side of the City.

While we have managed to acquire a number of parcels and have several more near closing, we only have one section of paved trail. That is the section near Gene Stratton Porter State Historic Site near Rome City. You can see the map of that section, as well as information on where to park through our blog page on it ( State Road 9 on the west side of the map is just as you are leaving Rome City on the south.

We have several other sections of trail that we are clearing, and we hope to paved this year! If you are looking for other trails in Noble County, the Noble County Parks and Recreation Board has a good interactive map showing recreational facilities within the County. Visit their site ( and select Recreational Facilities to see that map.

I'm glad that you are interested in trails. We have two events coming up that may interest you. First, we are kicking off a May fundraising campaign with the Fishing Line Trail 5k Run/Walk on April 29. Visit our website ( for information about the event and to register.

We are also hosting a quarterly community meeting at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Meeting in the Hunter Room of the Parkview Noble Hospital, the members of Noble Trails will share the progress and accomplishments achieved so far, and will let you in on our plans for the future.


See? I told you there was a lot of good information in there. Hopefully, you learned something too!

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