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Safety on the Trail

The mission of Noble Trails is to promote the development of trails, connect communities, encourage healthy and active lifestyles, improve the quality of life, and provide opportunities to enjoy Indiana’s natural beauty. But it’s important to do that safely.

As more and more people use the trails, safety and courtesy to other users are vital.

Whether walking, running or riding on the trail, there are a few things you can do to make sure it's a safe and pleasant trip.

General Safety:

  • Share the trail. Try to stay to the right side of the trail, so that others coming up behind may pass you on the left.

  • Stay on the trail. Don’t venture into the woods, fields, yards, or other areas near the trail.

  • Only use the trails from sunrise to sunset.

  • Be vigilant. Watch for stop signs and look both ways before crossing roads. Keep an eye out for trail obstructions like downed tree limbs.

  • Be aware of loose debris on the trail. We are in a natural setting, so leaves, sticks, gravel, and the occasional squirrel are to be expected.

  • Keep all pets on a leash (and pick up after them).

  • Look for GPS signage to be added to the trails this year. These signs will be posted often, so if the need arises to call 911, you can provide the dispatcher with your exact GPS location.

  • Don’t toss your trash along the trail as you walk, run or ride.

  • There are no motorized vehicles or horses allowed on the trails.

  • Use caution when passing field access points created for farmers.

  • Stay hydrated. Be sure to bring water to drink, especially when you are venturing out on a hot day.


  • Use designated parking areas only. Be sure not to park on roads or shoulders…that’s dangerous for you and other drivers.


  • Walk with a buddy when you can…its always more fun!

  • Step to the side if you stop to look at the wildlife. Please don't obstruct the trail.

  • If you like to listen to music or an audiobook while walking or running, keep the volume down or one earbud out so that you can hear what’s going on around you.


  • Wear a properly-fitted helmet and brightly colored clothes (important especially if you are riding on the road).

  • Keep your speed under 20 mph.

  • If you are passing walkers or runners, be sure to call out “Passing on the Left” so that they are aware you are there and that you will be moving past them. Adding a bell to your bike and ringing it on your approach is also a great way to let them know you are there.

  • Consider bicycle lights. These flash behind and in front of you, to alert oncoming trail users, or traffic when you are riding on the road.

  • Keep your bike maintained.

Following these general guidelines will help ensure a great day out on the trails! For a map of the Fishing Line Trail and its parking areas, please visit

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